2020 Youth Summer Camp


July 29 - July 31


Cedar Falls Baptist Church








The worship focus for the 3 days will be growing closer to Jesus.

The Youth started but never had the opportunity to finish a study, "Who is Jesus?" During camp, we will revisit this study.

Each morning as part of the morning worship experience, we will incorporate the video session in the corporate session then break out into smaller groups for follow-up study/discussions. The evening worship will continue the discussion of the day and incorporate other Bibical scripture enhancing and encourage feedback.

Throughout camp, students will be challenged and encouraged to CONCLUDE Jesus is who He claimed to be and rightfully Lord of our lives. CONNECT with Him personally as it is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ that defines who we are. Finally, COMMIT their lives to Christ wholeheartedly, without doubt, fear or hesitation.


Due to "the virus" going out into the community isn't quite on the agenda this summer for many reasons (of which we are not going to list here.)

However, missions starts at home. Our home is the church. We have various mini-mission projects that the Youth will be completing around the campus  to serve our church family. All mission projects will be supervised. At no time will any Youth be left unsupervised. No heavy equipment, machinery, chemicals or other dangerous item will be used or in the possession of a Youth. They will; however, have to do a little work.

Thursday & Friday are a little different. On those 2 days, part of the missions will be setting up and preparing for an Adult "VBS" which they will then carry out. The youth will completely host and lead a 2-day Adult VBS to include crafts, music, recreation, snacks, lesson, etc. This is a time for the Youth to develop leadership skills and connect with the church congregation. 


What is camp if you don't have any activities - especially fun, messy, wild and crazy ones?

We have a little bit of everything planned. Even the most skilled, the most intelligent, the most stealth, the fastest, the slowest, the most patient and even most impatient - will find something they enjoy.