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Rebuilding the Church’s Waning Strength

September 2, 2020, 2:18 PM

Sue Ellen Page is a notable leader in children’s choir education. A graduate of Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, Ms Page has been a strong advocate of the principles of Ruth Krehbiel Jacobs that point out that the way to reinvigorate our churches is through our children and what better way than through the children’s choir ministry? Ms Page correctly declares that the only purpose of the church is bear witness to Jesus Christ by being the body of Christ to the world. A job and purpose many churches don’t even attempt. Why is this? What are we indeed facing in our world that keeps the church from its purpose and we in kind from the same?

Choirs of all kinds are suffering in the church, not because they are suffering in the secular world. Choral music is on the rise in every sector of life except the church? Does this statement cause you to pause? Today’s church is challenged by a culture very similar to the 1st century church. We too exist in a secular and pluralistic society. There are many gods in our world and all vie for the spotlight and attention of man. We are intoned to be tolerant rather than exclusive, because exclusiveness tends to be fanatical or reactionary. In short, the church was given a task by Jesus Christ, her cornerstone, to bear witness to Christ in the world and we in turn are not convinced of the superiority of the message or its exclusivity.

Our challenge is to raise up a generation of Christians who after being trained in the faith and actively leading in their local congregation will be well equipped to take on an increasingly hostile and atheistic world with the gospel message. What group in our church is equipped to this task? I put forth it is in the children’s choir that this task is most naturally undertaken. Education experts agree that a child will retain a much higher percentage of the material when it is learned through music. Music is one of the last things our mind lets go of. I personally know of a woman, 94 years old with Alzheimer’s. In her final days she may or may not have been able to recall the names of her own children, but she could sing every stanza of “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus”. Music is a powerful tool and one which I believe God will bless as we equip our youngest and most vulnerable generation.

Keep your children singing. Encourage your children to learn music and to use that gift for God’s people and His glory. Make time in your schedule to train your children and arm them with truth. Our church’s future depends on it.