A Brief History of Cedar Falls Baptist Church

The beginnings of Cedar Falls were at a cottage prayer meeting held at Mr. Thomas Taylor's, near Carver's Falls, in 1874. Miss Mary Buie gave two acres of land on the banks of Carver's Falls for a church to be built. The first structure was a brush arbor known as Carver's Falls. Services were held at the brush arbor for two or three years, then it was decided to move the church to the highway and build a new wooden building. The new building was completed in 1879 and dedicated as Cedar Falls. In 1925, the white wooden church building that we currently call the Chapel was the third building constructed on the site. The building was torn down because more space was needed for the growing church. The second building was a barn-like structure, but the interior was never finished. It was poorly constructed, tilted to one side, and so unsafe it was demolished. The current Chapel served the congregation as its sanctuary until 1986.

In 1959, the educational wing was added. In 1981, an office complex was added next to the nursery. In 1986, the current Sanctuary was completed and in 1994, the current fellowship hall opened. In the early 2000's, the new office complex and additional educational wing was added. 2019-2022 saw the sanctuary renovated through a generous gift from the estate of Miss Catherine Buie. Renovations to the children's Educational Wing began in 2023.

All the right history was made possible by God through His faithful and gifted servants. May we carry on the vision of growth, evangelism, and sharing of Christ with all we meet.