The Next Gen ministries at cedar falls Baptist church exists to empower and equip the next generation of young people to grow and mature: 1) in their personal, daily walk with Jesus Christ 2) in knowledge and wisdom of his Holy Word 3)  as a believer in Him to be a contributing member of the community of believers, the Church.

Next Gen. Ministries covers everything from cradle to college; from diapers to diplomas. We have areas of specific ministry for those in our nursery, which is from birth to four years old; Cedar Falls Kids, which is from 1st- fifth grade; Cedar Falls Student Ministries, which is middle and high school students; and Cedar Falls Young Adults, which is college and career aged young people (Usually ranging in ages 18-25).

For every season and period in life you or your kids are in, we strive to serve, guide, lead and direct them into a fruitful, life-long, passionate love for Christ. We hope and pray that you will come and join us in our vision and mission to change the world!